Well, for our very first blog post I'd like to share some of our plans for the future! We're so excited and we have a lot of work ahead, but it's going to be awesome!

For starters, Lenore is named after my Grandmother Eleanor. Through hard times, she was always the glue that held our family together. She taught me strength, generosity, persistence, and how to stand on my own two feet and never give up. She was a beautiful and amazing woman in so many ways, and everything I hoped to grow up and be like. Without her guidance, I'm not sure where or who I might be have ended up being, so, in her honor I've named my company after her! 

Secondly, my name is Donna, and I am a Certified Esthetician with an absolutely love for soap making and skin care! I design all of our products with an emphasis on using all natural, earth friendly ingredients that not only look and smell pretty, but have actual benefits for your skin's health. We are doing our best to only use the needed ingredients that make our products as best as they can be with no unnecessary additives. This creates less waste and is safer for your daily use. Also, speaking of waste, we are dedicated to being environmental conscious also. We have kids too, and want to leave them a beautiful planet! So, along with using sustainable, responsibly harvested ingredients, we will be focusing on utilizing clean process' and as minimal packaging as possible. All these things we've hope to get better at as we grow and learn newer, better, and safer ways to do things!

Also, be prepared for a wealth of information! In this blog space, I plan on sharing recipes for skin care, face masks, cleansing tips, DIY bath products, and of course, our adventures in soaping! As well as more product info, things to look forward to, and other random ramblings as my moods tend to correspond with the phases of the moon! I am so excited to see where this adventure takes us! Hopefully you all are too!!!

Light & Love,